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Retiring Abroad: Client Spotlight series

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Milestone's Client Spotlight series

The Client Spotlight series within our Retiring Abroad posts continue.  These are responses from our very own clients who are retired and living in Canada and around the World.  We have asked them to comment on the same five topics: climate, sports & recreation, cost of living, ease of access and health care. We hope this will provide some great insight into what it is truly like to retire and live in cities abroad.  


Client Spotlight #2:  Maui, Hawaii

This post comes to us from clients in Maui, the perpetually beautiful state of Hawaii.  The island of Maui is part of the Hawaiian islands chain and known for its beach resorts, diverse geography and outdoor activities ranging from hiking and biking to windsurfing and snorkeling.  Known as the 'Valley Isle', it is dotted with quaint towns, artist communities and local favorites that have been around for generations.

Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau Maui Guidebook

Maui Travel Guide

CLIMATE:  "The climate in Maui in the winter is generally perfect.  Not too hot (25-28C) but it is winter here so there are some showers and some windy days .  In 6-8 weeks I would estimate 2-3 days with showers at the maximum." 

SPORTS & RECREATION:  "I swim in the ocean and/or the pool every day; combined with beach walks these are our main recreational activities.  Surfing, boogie boarding, snorkeling, scuba diving, etc are available for those that wish to do so.  In the winter, whale watching from our lanai is great fun and of course whale watching boat trips are available." 

COST OF LIVING:  "This is definitely higher than at home, and made worse by the present rate of exchange.  We usually eat in our condo and BBQ.  We seem to eat less, possibly because of the heat and our increased activity.  So in the end, the weekly food costs are not significantly different.  Moderately priced restaurants are available as are high-end restaurants." 

EASE OF ACCESS (transportation to and from):  "With direct flights with Air Canada and WestJet, it is an easy 6 - 7 hour flight.  Flights with stop overs are cheaper, but the convenience of a direct flight is worth the extra cost.  The timing of the flights significantly affects the cost of flights.  For example, spring break and Easter are more expensive periods." 

HEALTH CARE (quality and access):  "This is very important.  It can be expensive.  We have recurrent 63 days medical coverage out of province medical included in a package of additional health care coverage.  If someone is planning to go to the USA on a regular basis, this should be researched and set up ASAP."