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Retiring Abroad: International Living - The World's Best Places to Retire 2017 list

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The World's Best Places to Retire 2017 list

Every year, a publication called International Living produces a segment entitled the ‘World’s Best Place to Retire’. They use specific criteria to rank countries that are typically considered as destinations for retirees who want to relocate to a new haven for their retirement years.

In last year’s ranking, there was an almost three way tie between Mexico, Panama and Ecuador. Please see our prior Retiring Abroad blog post for 2017, HERE:

This year, Costa Rica has risen to the top spot, moving Mexico down to second and Panama to third. However, once again it is essentially a three way tie for first spot with Costa Rica achieving a total score of 91.3, Mexico 91.2 and Panama 91.1. Ecuador slips to a score of 88.3.

Costa Rica achieved an average score of 91.3 aided by its very high scores in the categories of Healthy Lifestyle (100), Healthcare (99), Entertainment & Amenities (97) and Fitting In (94). The only two categories where Costa Rica ranks a bit lower are Cost of Living (84) and Benefits & Discounts (82).

Mexico comes in at 91.2 (up slightly from 90.9 last year), with high scores in Entertainment & Amenities (97), Visas & Residence (96) and Benefits & Discounts (94). This compares to last year with high scores in Entertainment & Amenities (97) and Buying & Renting (94). As with last year, Mexico didn’t receive any low scores, the lowest being Climate (88) and Cost of Living (88).

Panama was the top rated country in 2016, the second ranked in 2017 and comes in at number three this year with a score of 91.1. Panama scored highest in Benefits & Discounts (100), Visas & Residence (100) and Healthy Lifestyle (94), quite similar to last year. The two categories that received lower scores were Cost of Living (84) and Buying & Investing (80), compared to last year where the only low score was Cost of Living (82).

Rounding out the top 10 are Ecuador (88.3), Malaysia (87.7), Colombia (85.7), Portugal (85.5), Nicaragua (83.9), Spain (83.6), Peru (82.8) and Italy (82.5).

For the full list and lots of information on each of the top 10 countries, please click HERE: